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As some of you know, I also work part time running a variety of different development workshops for different organisations. I partner with my sister, who is a psychotherapist in Devon. We learn so much from our unique and cherished relationship, which I value as a rare and special gift. We also learn so much from our other sister, who lives in us as a guiding light in our hearts.

During our Workshop last week we spent a lot of time experimenting with active listening. What it truly means to listen with our mind, hearts and intuition. To listen with our gut brain. To be fully present to the other in what sometimes feels like a rapidly decreasing art of conversation. We had the privilege of witnessing the magic that can come from people simply learning to give each other space.

So what’s all that got to do with yoga? For me, it is yoga that gives me the space to do this sometimes very challenging work. For what is yoga if not the art of creating space in mind, body and spirit. Creating space for prana, for new energy, for new awareness. A conversation with ourselves. It’s not easy. I don’t always succeed. It is a constant learning and often a challenge to practise from this place. And yet so worth the work. For after all, in a world where it sometimes feels that people are acting more and more from unconscious or conscious fear, it is surely now more important that ever, to practise the art of being fully present to our whole self and respond from a place of honesty, awareness and compassion.

For Lisa and Louise with love xxx

Inspired by Otto Scharmer’s great work