Yoga in the Hills is run by Emma Pugh, an Iyengar Yoga certified teacher living just outside Abergavenny.

There are not many Iyengar teachers in Wales and I feel very fortunate to be able to bring some of the amazing teachings of BKS Iyengar to such a beautiful place.

Yoga teaches me so much on a daily basis. I love the inordinate clarity of the Iyengar method in particular. It has taught me so much about my own physical body especially as I get older. It gives me space in my body leading to space in my mind.

I have been practising yoga for more than 25 years and discovered Iyengar Yoga in 2009. I completed my teacher training with Sheila Haswell at Yogawest in Bristol and regularly attend workshops with other teachers, including the Iyengar U.K annual Convention. Sheila was my first ever teacher and is one of the most experienced and senior teachers in the UK. She challenges me and teaches with clarity, compassion and a great sense of humour-, qualities I think are so important in teaching today.

Living in nature, I love what Iyengar reminds us about the practice of yoga: ‘Look after the root of the tree and the fragrant flowers and luscious fruits will grow by themselves. Look after the health of the body and the fragrance of the mind and the richness of the spirit will flow.’