What can I expect from a class?

An Iyengar yoga class is a good physical workout no matter what size, shape or fitness level you are. You will be guided through a sequence of asanas or postures to improve your strength, flexibility and concentration. We give feedback and adjustment to help you understand the posture and benefit from it as much as possible.

Some classes include specific breathing techniques, which offer many different benefits. The class ends with guided relaxation to allow the body and mind to rest and for the imprint of the class to settle in the body.

 If you have any concerns as to whether yoga is for you, please do contact us on hello@yogainthehills.co.uk or 07957 173990.

What do I wear?

We practise yoga in bare feet. Comfortable clothing, which you can move in is ideal, such as shorts or leggings, a t-shirt and a warmer top for relaxation.

Do I need to bring my own equipment?

We provide the basic equipment including mats although we encourage regular students to buy their own. We can get this for you at a lower cost than what you might find in shops or online thanks to teachers’ discount. Ask us for more details.

Do I need to eat before class?

Yoga should be practised on an empty stomach so please allow for at least 2 hours after a meal. We do not drink water during class so do ensure you’re hydrated before a class.

I have some specific physical challenges. Can I still do yoga?

When you come to a class we ask you to complete a medical form to ensure we’re aware of any specific challenges you have. Please feel free to contact us in advance to discuss this so that we’re both fully informed. You can find a downloadable form at the bottom of this page.

Do you teach pregnancy yoga?

I do not teach pregnancy yoga at the current time. If you are a regular student and you become pregnant then you are very welcome to continue with your regular class. If you have not attended a class with us before and are already pregnant then contact us and we can recommend a local alternative yoga class for you.

I would like to come. What do I need to do to join a class?

Contact Emma on hello@yogainthehills.co.uk or 07957 173990 to ensure there is space in the best class for you.
Please ensure that for your first class, you come 10 minutes early to complete our simple registration and medical form.

How are Iyengar teachers trained?

All Iyengar certified teachers undertake a rigorous two-year training programme after a minimum of 3 consecutive years of regular practice with a certified teacher.

Teachers are assessed both on the depth of their own personal practice as well as their ability to teach. Once qualified, teachers must continue to train through continuous professional development to ensure that the Iyengar standards are maintained.

This training and assessment is one of the many reasons Iyengar Yoga is so highly regarded today.

Medical form Download