‘I love Emma’s yoga class because she brings her love of the practice, her compassion and understanding to those who, like me, are not naturally flexible or able to do some of the asanas. I also very much value her kind and gentle words of encouragement, and her great clarity when explaining yoga postures and how they help us. I particularly love Emma’s sense of humour, which I find sometimes absent in other classes, and which is for me an essential element of yoga as it reminds me to have some fun!’


‘I’ve come back to yoga after 15 years and I’m loving every class. I really like that Iyengar yoga focuses on alignment and precision. Emma’s a lovely teacher, gentle, encouraging and funny.’


‘I’d just like to say thank-you so much for the classes so far.  I’ve surprised myself by how much I am enjoying the Monday night classes. I’m often stiff from running and weight-lifting and, although I always stretch afterwards, I suspect my body is getting tighter and tighter as I get older!  Improving my flexibility will surely improve my performance in my other sports. However it’s more than that – I am really enjoying having dedicated time spent in a calm, supportive (and definitely non-competitive!) environment.  I look forward to the class at the end of a busy Monday at work and always go home feeling better.’


‘Emma is a wonderful teacher – she is very patient and is always ready to adapt methods to suit me and my body. I have felt stronger and more flexible after Emma’s classes. I really enjoy the warm and friendly atmosphere.’


‘I didn’t particularly like or understand yoga before going to Emma’s classes. Now I can’t function without it! She’s a great teacher.  Highly recommended.’


‘I have enjoyed Emma’s yoga classes, finding them well planned and structured with time taken for individual attention. I feel I have benefitted in strength and flexibility through regular attendance.’